Forwards for TAXI # S221211RA

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CUTTING-EDGE INDIE POP ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by the Senior V.P. of A&R at a Major Record Label that’s searching for Fresh, New Talent!

Forwards for TAXI # S221118FX

Better without You” – Mr Emotional

Crumble” – Jason Shand

Will You” – Loulita Gill

Break Down This Wall” – Sean Eversen

Runaway” – Ann Chaplin

They Told Me” – Ann Chaplin

Tasting Clouds” – Tal More

The Ride” – Prophet Among Thieves

Artificial Life” – Jennifer Groeber (aka Ruinarte)

Fake It To A Place” – Mitch Bag

Tiny Little Dancer ” – Mitch Bag

Getaway Car (unplugged)” – Andrew Koss

The Only Time” – India Thieriot

idk why” – Carissa Summer Rose

I’m Ready (Dark Indie Mix)” – Taylor John Graves

Petty ” – Estella Dawn

Bet On Me” – Lauren Ioffrida

CONTEMPORARY POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a Film/TV Music Publisher for (up to) $15,000 placements in an upcoming Netflix Movie.

Forwards for TAXI # D221211RP

No public submissions were forwarded.

EPIC ROCK/HYBRID INSTRUMENTAL CUES for SPORTS PLACEMENTS are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that’s represented in over 75 countries and has a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year!