Forwards for TAXI # S211122BD

Dazed” – Scott Russell

Banger” – Scott Russell

Clutch” – Marcus Ramsay

Last Standing” – Marcus Ramsay

Light work” – Marcus Ramsay

Respect the game” – Marcus Ramsay

Gary Payton” – Alonzo Fibonacci

BEAT-DRIVEN HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a very successful boutique Music Library that’s distributed by Universal for placements in Promotional Programming.

Forwards for TAXI # S211106NU

Do You Feel Me” – Lowly Light

Diamond” – ODELLA

Get Away” – Rice Station

NU-DISCO SONGS are needed by a Record Label that’s distributed by a HUGE Dutch Electronic Music Record Label.

Forwards for TAXI # D211110NF

News Theme XXI” – Max Aguilar

NEWS INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a U.K. Music Licensing Company with GREAT Worldwide Distribution and lots of awesome placements in Film and TV!

Forwards for TAXI # S211125MD

READY OR NOT” – Jared Farrell

CRIMINALS” – Jared Farrell

I Dare You ” – Estella Dawn

My Disease” – Lyric Noel

MODERN ALTERNATIVE BLUES ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an A-List Film/TV Music Publishing Company that typically gets really nice, HIGH-END placements! These guys are thought of as being “a cut above.”