Forwards for TAXI # S221027VG

BETTER ‘N YOU” – allan corby

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT” – allan corby

I Get A Little Crazy” – Terrence Short

Standing on the corner” – Michael Cross


1997 Life After (A) Death” – Damian A. Cartier

1997 Spider And The Fly” – Damian A. Cartier

Dawn” – Eoin O Siochru – Birdthistle Music

I Want Your Love In Me” – Mark Winter

Friday’s Comin’” – Mark Winter

I Believe In You” – Mark Winter

Isotopes” – Devin Farney

QUIRKY & WHIMSICAL VINTAGE SONGS in ALL GENRES with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a very successful Music Licensing Company founded by a highly experienced Film/TV Music Executive with a long history of placements in TV Commercials, A-List Films, and TV Shows.

Forwards for TAXI # S221024CV

Deadline” – Kent Brown

Dark Memory” – Matt Linder

Reaching Dreams” – Holland Young

Radiant Glow” – Robin Ravazzini

Future Tense” – Chris Preston

All Eyes On Me” – Brendan Nickel

TAXI ROAD RALLY 2022 – Film & TV Instrumental and Cue Pitch and Feedback Panel (TAXI Screeners & Successful TAXI Members) – Instrumentals and Instrumental Cues (from TAXI MEMBERS only)

Forwards for TAXI # S221029UP

A Long Time Comin’” – Daniel B. Stratman


Good Ol’ Country Music” – Paul Petruccelli

Shadows” – Bob Thomas

The Cowboy Way” – Bob Thomas

M Dream” – Bob Thomas

Glory Hallelujah Sky” – Mike Taylor

In My Mind” – Davey T


RUMOR BOOMERANG” – Karl Williams

SWEET THING” – Karl Williams

THIS FLAME” – Karl Williams

IF THIS AIN’T LOVE” – Karl Williams

MILE MARKER TEN” – Karl Williams

Lone Stars” – Jonathan PayCheck

UPTEMPO, TRADITIONAL-Sounding, “FEEL-GOOD” COUNTRY SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed for a Movie Soundtrack by a Nashville Producer/Music Supervisor/Publisher working on an upcoming Feature Film!

Forwards for TAXI # D221123LN

No public submissions were forwarded.

LATIN HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an awesome, EXCLUSIVE Production Music Library started by very successful industry veterans who are building a brand new catalogue from the ground up!

Forwards for TAXI # S221022RR

Fearless – The New Shining” – Xander Stok

Cars Apart” – Trent Rush

Can’t Get You Outta My Head” – Trent Rush

How To Be Okay” – Trent Rush

Teach Me How to Love” – Arnold Mitchem Band



Maman t’avais raison” – LL Lapin Rose – LL Pink Rabbit / LLLL Beats / LLLL

Summer Anyway (feat. Carol Lester)” – JanetB

She like Ft Chakeetab ” – Chris Burgy

I Gotta Be Me” – Running With Zebras

My Getaway” – Carolyn Brady

TAXI ROAD RALLY 2022 – Film & TV SONG Pitch and Feedback Panel (Music Supervisors and Licensing Executives) – Songs with lyrics and vocals (from TAXI MEMBERS only).

Forwards for TAXI # S221024HA

Catch Me A Cougar” – Aaron M. Brown

Baller For Life” – Aaron M. Brown

MY BODY KNOWS” – Tiffany Sayers

Just A Little Bit” – TCMuze

Island Treasure (Feat. Megan James)” – Ed and Carol Nicodemi

Christmas is Coming” – MJ Leeman

We Will Hold You Up” – Janet Buller

The Road Less Traveled” – Janet Buller

Them Things You Do” – Henry Pinckney/ F.L.A.G. ENT.

Alien – The New Shining” – Xander Stok

My Kinda Crazy – NAX” – Xander Stok

What Should I Give?” – David Bergner

Start a War” – JuliAnne Wright

TAXI ROAD RALLY 2022 – The Happy Ending Pitch and Feedback Panel – SONGS with lyrics and vocals for FILM/TV Pitch (from TAXI MEMBERS only)

Forwards for TAXI # S221125HH

There’s nobody better” – Jason Towers

Out On Top” – Randeaux

UPLIFTING, OLD-SCHOOL-Style HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that’s represented in over 75 countries and has a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year!