Forwards for TAXI # S231115CH

It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)” – Rich Chambers

Christmas Is Here” – Downtown Patriots

Santa’s On His Way” – Wayne Olivieri

Never too Much Christmas” – Wayne Olivieri

Mrs Claus A-Rockin’ Tonight” – Michael J. Fix

I Believe In Christmas” – Regan Lane

Blues Christmas” – Tim Walker

xmas movie marathon” – Gene Pompilio

Christmas Is Canceled” – Thomas Brett

Santa Claus is Almost Here” – AimettiBurke

Christmas Eve” – Peter Bladh

It’s The Holidays” – Paul Grover / My Social Uniform

ORIGINAL, CHRISTMAS ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an A-List Music Publisher for Film and TV sync licensing.

Forwards for TAXI # S231020ML

Persecute Me” – Elysia Marie

Love Country” – Cassandra

Bad At Behaving” – Inkwell Echo / Scott Jibben

360!” – Sam Best Sound

December Twenty-Five” – Robin Sandoval

Lovebird ” – J. Maceo

No Force ” – Andrew ‘FYU-CHUR’ Jackson

Stretch (Clean)(t)(prod & mixed by FYU-CHUR)” – Andrew ‘FYU-CHUR’ Jackson

TAXI ROAD RALLY 2023 – Song Feedback Session with Legendary Record Producer, Michael Lloyd – Songs with lyrics and vocals (from TAXI MEMBERS only) will be played for Michael Lloyd during this live session, and he will give feedback in real time. If he hears something he can use in one of his upcoming projects, he will let the Song’s creator know that during the session!

Forwards for TAXI # S231119AD

Into A Sacred Journey” – David Banks

Gate 2” – Robert Fertl

Tighten the Screws” – Dann Parks

Come And Follow” – Jonathan Simas

Nostalgia” – Jonathan Simas

DRAMATIC ORCHESTRAL-HYBRID INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Successful Publisher with an awesome track record of really BIG placements!

Forwards for TAXI # S231020FB

Back to My Love” – John N Granet


Orion” – Pablo Arty

Desert Road” – Sam Best Sound

Watch Out” – Sam Best Sound

Rough” – Sam Best Sound

No Mow May” – Joe Sly

Exodus” – Robina Ritchie-Barker

Floating on Air” – Holland Young

Port Vell” – Mauricio Sarria

Mar De Plata” – John Acosta

Hollywood 1” – Vincent Ott

Minimum” – Vincent Ott

Baile Funk” – Vincent Ott

Sun On The Hills” – Stewart McLellan

A Christmas Overture” – Riff Kitten

No Longer Whole” – Michael Torregano Jr.

Quirky Puppy” – Michael Torregano Jr.

The absence of you” – Andre Stepanian

Vanishing Rainfall” – Reed Gesteland

Escaping The Troopers” – Brendan Nickel

TAXI ROAD RALLY 2023 – Film & TV Instrumental and Cue Pitch and Feedback Panel (Music Licensing Executives) – Instrumentals and/or Instrumental Cues needed (from TAXI MEMBERS only).