Forwards for TAXI # S211025FN

No public submissions were forwarded.

FUN, FUNKY SONGS about “Life in the Dark” with Male or Female Vocals are needed for an (up to) $2,000, Direct-to-Ad-Agency placement for a Major Global Non Profit Organization’s upcoming TikTok challenge campaign.

Forwards for TAXI # S211101UP

TRIPPIN’ OVER YOU” – Tiffany Sayers

Date Night” – Narrowhaven

Play Pretend” – Red Light Challenge

Soar (feat. Weldon)” – Sameer Rai

Give A Little Love” – Jonathan K. Waller

Want Me ” – Hunnid

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This–version 3” – David K. Chong

Here” – Emily Perry

SET ME FREE” – Christy D. Wheat

Dancing Alone” – Jenny Chapin

So Tall ” – Jenny Chapin

All In ” – Jenny Chapin

Hey You ” – Jenny Chapin

Just Want Love” – Jenny Chapin

Phenomenal (Pop, Artist:Celleste)” – Eric Dick

Ready For You (Pop, Artist:Celleste)” – Eric Dick

Zight – Fly Away (ft. Sonna Rele)” – Yau Yiu Ting

Why Don’t You” – Via Mental Productions

All Ways” – Halle Abadi

Focus” – Halle Abadi

A Lot of UPBEAT, MODERN POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a very successful Music Library for placements on a popular relationship-based Reality TV show.

Forwards for TAXI # S211028CH

Let’s Make Christmas Last” – Graydon Tomlinson

The Red Pickup Christmas Song ” – Carey Latham

Christmas Time (Baby Are You Mine)” – Malcolm Lally

This Time Of Year” – Andrew Koss

Christmas Without You (Radio Edit)” – Daisy Hicks

Elvis and The Elves” – Ave Topel

Mr. Christmas” – Lauren Anderson

Looking Up At The Christmas Tree” – Rick Amburgey

Wonder” – Rick Amburgey

Kiss Me Round The Mistletoe” – Jazzical® with Joel A Martin

Christmas Feels Like Home” – Eric Shouse

Christmas At It’s Best” – Robbi Atkins

little simple christmas things” – Robbi Atkins

ORIGINAL, CONTEMPORARY CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a new “TV/Film sync-oriented” Record Label started by a Multi-Platinum Producer and a team of very successful industry veterans.

Forwards for TAXI # D211101ST

Zing, Went the Strings From Afar” – Jack Mielke

Neoteric” – Daniel P Kolton

Genius Thinking” – Alexander Dilan. Jr.

Lots of PIZZICATO STRING INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Music Licensing Company that specializes in music for content creators as well as TV shows and Film projects!

Forwards for TAXI # S211101HH

Chutes and Ladders ” – Chris Waters

Legendary (feat. UraelB, Wendeezy, Dontae Winslow & Honey Blu” – CB5

These Days ft. Lolly Mariah ” – Morals.Respect.Love

The Top” – Via Mental Productions

Whole Squad” – Lew Sid

SLOW ME DOWN” – Dray Mcintyre

No Force (clean) (nt)” – FYU-CHUR Music

EMOTIONALLY UPBEAT HIP-HOP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an A-List Film/TV Music Publishing Company that typically gets really nice, HIGH-END placements! These guys are thought of as being “a cut above.”