Forwards for TAXI # S210922CO

Shade of Blue” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

I Don’t Wanna Be Me” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

Salvation ” – Harley Schrock

Over You ” – Harley Schrock

Hold My Beer ” – Harley Schrock

Missed Call” – Harley Schrock

Through the Storm” – Harley Schrock

The Man I Hope to Be” – Peter Bartula

It Just Does” – Bill Steely

Where Do You Go” – John Welch

She Knows Me Better – full band” – Ave Topel

Love You Like That” – Ave Topel

Prayers and Whiskey” – Ave Topel

Skin” – Donald Neal Brown

Always In My Heart” – Noel Boland

I’ll Talk To You Later” – Timmy James

Real (male vocal)” – Jessica Weinberg

What She Got” – Michael Nelson

Just Add Alcohol” – Michael Nelson

I wanna go home now ” – Patrick Allan Adams

Ridin’ Tide” – Patrick Allan Adams

Drink You on my Mind” – Patrick Allan Adams

COUNTRY IN ME” – Thomas Troy

chasen me(v2)” – Laurence Wiener

3 Drinks Into You” – Alexsi Mallory | Songwriter


CHART-WORTHY COUNTRY SONGS with Male Vocals are needed by a Music Row Publisher for a Charting Country Artist working on his upcoming album.