Forwards for TAXI # D221012HH

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EMOTIONALLY UPLIFTING, OLD-SCHOOL-Style HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that’s represented in over 75 countries and has a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year!

Forwards for TAXI # S221005ER

Wires – Instrumental ” – Alejandra O’Leary

The Grave (Instrumental)” – Audio Mozaik

Lord Bart – Cicatrici” – Bartolomeo Giuliano

Room For One Inst” – Steve Levinson

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Instrumental” – Federico Bertele

Spank (Instrumental)” – Joshua Mitchell

Son Of A Gun” – Daniel Stroud / Last Kiss Goodnight

Victory Day” – Murray Yates

King Revolt Instrumental ” – Federico Bertele

Black Hole Soul” – Robert Gardner

Panic (Instrumental)” – Ghost In The Pines

Kerosene” – Jordan Nims

Constant Paranoia” – Marco Belloni

Black and Blue River” – Andrew Weaver

Pavement” – Jordan Nims

Alice’s pearl garden” – 20centjukebox

The Freshmaker” – Michael David Barresi

Give me a Ring” – Michael David Barresi

Salt In The Wound” – Jesse Carrigan

Walking Backwards” – Robert Bockman

Lackadaisical” – Robert Bockman

ev3rscent” – DxDx

Lots of Mid-90’s-Style ROCK INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Film/TV Music Publisher for placements in the upcoming season of a Hulu TV Show!

Forwards for TAXI # S221013SW

Sweet Georgia Brown” – Paul Croteau

1940’s to Early-1950’s Vintage-Style INSTRUMENTAL COVERS of “SWEET GEORGIA BROWN” are needed for a Direct-to-Music Supervisor Placement in an Indie Feature Film.

Forwards for TAXI # S221013SS

No public submissions were forwarded.

SINGER/SONGWRITER ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by the Senior V.P. of A&R at a Major Record Label that’s searching for Fresh, New Talent!