Forwards for TAXI # S210624RY

Drift Away My Darling One” – Ana Gracey

Too Late” – Ana Gracey

Where You Are NDF” – Tom Hoy

Tender Mercy” – Bruce Scism

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” – Marlene Roff Glass

And Still There’s More Goodbyes” – Kito Peters

Never Thought I’d Walk this Road Again” – Carey Parder

Move On” – Andrew Ward

In The End” – Andrew Anka

IGLOO” – Huxley Rittman

It Ain’t Him” – Mike Thomas

Why’d You Have To Go” – Ricky Brandon

Wings And A Halo” – Jim Groves

I Can’t Sleep Here Anymore” – Paul Petruccelli

Dreaming Wide Awake” – Sweedot

Dear Love” – Lauren Marsh

What’ll I Do? remix” – Keith Rayburn

The Papers” – Maria Brosgol

A Better Friend” – Katrina Shuster

Sow this hole in my heart” – Daniel Aime Pelletier

Stepping Out of Your Line” – Daniel Aime Pelletier

EMOTIONALLY MOVING SONGS with LYRICS about LOSS with Male and Female Vocals are needed by a really impressive Music Licensing Company for placements on a very popular, long-running TV show!

Forwards for TAXI # S210710SS

Hit Rock Bottom (Male Country)” – Ian Shortall

Hello Sunshine” – VINCENT RUBY

The Way It Is” – Barak Hill

My Way Home” – Barak Hill

Reunion Song” – Barak Hill

Anxious” – Gavriel

Over” – Derek McCotter

Pull you through” – Derek McCotter

Through the trees” – Derek McCotter

REFLECTIVE, ACOUSTIC-Driven INDIE SINGER/SONGWRITER SONGS with Male Vocals are needed by a Music Library with a great history of TV placements!

Forwards for TAXI # D210720NP

No public submissions were forwarded.

MODERN INDIE POP INSTRUMENTALS and/or INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a hard-plugging Music Library with a GREAT track record of placements!