Forwards for TAXI # S220705HF

Sin Tu Amor” – Ayrton Jimenez

Footprints in the Sand” – Terneille A. Burrows

Let It Show” – Terneille A. Burrows

No Fuss (Love of Your Life)” – Terneille A. Burrows

M’muna Wanga (Updated)” – Rob Rodell

Wide Range of HEARTFELT WORLD MUSIC ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals is needed by an eclectic Independent Record Label that’s eagerly looking for fresh new talent.

Forwards for TAXI # S220629TW

J’AI BESOIN DE TOI” – Evyn Charles

Après L’Amour” – Ellen Vanderslice

Non ti scorderò” – Emilio Capuano

Quarto Imundo” – Leandro Abreu

Dimmi, Dimmi” – Paul London

Amore” – Paul London

My Beautiful Hamburg-s” – Hellmuth Ewert

Sophie” – Rebecca Windham

Original, VINTAGE SONGS in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE in ALL GENRES with Male or Female Vocals are needed by the TOP PUBLISHER of VINTAGE MUSIC for Film and TV Licensing.

Forwards for TAXI # S220626KL

One Day (Acoustic)” – Merlot Embargo

Dear Jesse Green ” – Big Sur Bound

California Gold is Real” – Margo May

Happy Daze” – Anthony Tyrrell

Color Me” – Clifton Road

YOU’LL BE OKAY” – Douglas Shawe

Today Was Nice” – One Matt Beyer

Lonely” – Shivan

Move Like Water (by Emily Anderson)” – Drew Henmi

Higher” – Drew Henmi

Can’t Watch You Go – (Pattern Land)” – David Wallace

Lots of INDIE FOLK/POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an excellent Music Library for placements in TV, Film, and Advertising.

Forwards for TAXI # S220706CN

Good Times” – Kartik Kuna

I Ain’t Asking for Much” – Aaron Brown

Lots of UPBEAT, CURRENT-Sounding POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a British Licensing Company that lands tons of great placements in Major Motion Pictures and Television Shows!

Forwards for TAXI # D220705NS

The Sunny Side” – Chris Moser

Merry Muse” – Chris Moser

Lots of MAINSTREAM POP INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a top-notch U.K.-based International Music Licensing Company with lots of great placements in TV Shows and Major Motion Pictures!

Forwards for TAXI # D220709CR

Yes or No?” – Matt Levin

Mindreader” – Matt Levin

Plans Laid Out” – Matt Levin

Tracker 5” – Dann Parks

SLOW ESCALATION” – Michael Skovgaard Rasmussen

CRIMINAL LEAD” – Michael Skovgaard Rasmussen

Interrogation” – Jeff Hargrove

Digging Deeper” – SoulManStan

Pandemic Proof” – Steve Probst

The Hive Mind” – Niall Shaw

CURIOUS MOMENT” – Michael Skovgaard Rasmussen

Viral” – Derek Handy

Lab Mice” – Derek Handy

First Place You Looked” – Vikas Pawa

Missing piece” – Jonas Asplund

Looking glass” – Jonas Asplund

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE TENSION INSTRUMENTALS and/or INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by an International Music Library with lots of great placements in Film and TV.