Forwards for TAXI # S210623HH

Special” – J’Moris

“Biniyich”” – Yoseb Williams

“Home Town Hero” ” – Yoseb Williams

“Mind Games”” – Yoseb Williams

my pain ” – Motan Nunlee

I Get Higher (feat. Tiz)” – Dannii Scott

In My Nikes (feat. Monster Jay)” – Dannii Scott

Shallow” – Khemist

Dirty Fly” – taesharp

Animal” – RJ Full Range

Fokis clean ” – Soncier Bey

Rawl Clean” – Soncier Bey

No Force (clean) (nt)” – FYU-CHUR Music

The Bag” – FYU-CHUR Music

Ready For War (nt)” – FYU-CHUR Music

MODERN HIP-HOP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a super well-connected Publisher for placements on a Netflix TV Series.

Forwards for TAXI # S210630NT

Whiskey, Me and Misery” – Carl Bernard

Her G-String’s Outa Tune!” – Jason A. Brooks – Horse Cactus Music

Bartender” – David D Stewart

Too Good To Be True” – Glen King

Empty Handed” – Glen King

She Thinks I Walk On Water” – Glen King

Inside These Walls” – Jim Groves

Rainbow Bridge (male)” – Jim Groves

Do You Mean It” – Stan Karcz, Songwriter

Chape Car (nc)” – Donald Neal Brown

Beer For Whiskey” – Greg Alexander

Sugar Free Night” – Greg Alexander

Not Since He Found Jesus” – Roger Freeland

Two Heads Are Better Then One” – Peter Cobas

Coming Home From Behind the Fence” – Jack Straw

I Can Only Walk On Water When It rains” – Jack Straw

Sunday’s Best” – Jack Straw

I’m Sayin’ What I’m Sayin’” – Terry Heban

I Don’t Wanna Be Me” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

My Last Mile” – Marty Leonard

Big Romance” – Michael Fitzsimons

All We Did Was Give Love A Name” – Timmy James

Lonely Together” – Mike Taylor

CLASSIC ’80’s to ’90’s-Style COUNTRY SONGS with Male Vocals are needed for several (up to) $5,000, Direct-to-Music-Supervisor placements in a range of TV Shows on Major Networks.

Forwards for TAXI # S210628JZ

Toast And Jam” – Rik Pfenninger

Jazz Rehab” – Roy scoutz

ORIGINAL, VINTAGE JAZZ INSTRUMENTALS that were RECORDED BEFORE 1990 are needed by a Music Library with a ton of credits in Feature Films, TV Shows, and TV Commercials.