Forwards for TAXI # S220605TY

Little Bitty Pretty One” – Pete Mitchell

Little Bitty Pretty One” – Kwasi

Vintage-Style COVERS of “LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE” with Male or Female Vocals are needed for a Direct-to-Music Supervisor Placement in an Indie Feature Film.

Forwards for TAXI # S220524DQ

Nasty Girl ” – Kaitlyn Morell

CUTTING-EDGE POP/HIP-HOP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a Successful Record Producer for several (up to) $5,000 placements for some notable artists in the Chinese market!

Forwards for TAXI # S220524WU

BiggKen ft. Angel Nakai-Warm It Up” – Ken Johnson

NEW ORLEANS BOUNCE SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an extremely active Music Licensing Company with a very successful track record of placements in Film, TV, and Commercials.

Forwards for TAXI # S220530AN

Victory Is Upon Us” – Vikas Pawa

Champions” – Jeff Hargrove

Anthem Of Champions” – Jeff Hargrove

Becoming Champions (May 30, 2022)” – Alexander Dilan. Jr.

ANTICIPATORY/TRIUMPHANT ORCHESTRAL or ORCHESTRAL HYBRID INSTRUMENTALS and/or INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by an International Music Library with lots of great placements in Film and TV.