Forwards for TAXI # S240601FL

Raasta I – Hindi” – Kevin Kilberry

Adios” – Musicity

CONTEMPORARY SINGER/SONGWRITER SONGS in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a U.K.-based Music & Media Company that’s constantly landing placements in TV Shows, Film, and other Media.

Forwards for TAXI # S240602CT

Let Me Go” – Jason Davies

Given Up” – Jason Davies

Only Fan” – Ariel E. Gumora

drinks & pretty things” – Janine Pasquale

Sparkles and Silk” – Janine Pasquale

Like I Do” – Janine Pasquale

INDIE ELECTRO-POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a “TV/Film sync-oriented” Record Label started by a Multi-Platinum Producer and a team of very successful industry veterans!

Forwards for TAXI # S240526CH

Cumulus” – Michael J. Fix

Dreamdaze” – Michael J. Fix

Silver Shimmers” – KNG DAVÎD

Daydreaming” – Kelly Andrew

Awake in a Dream” – Kelly Andrew

December Fog” – Doug Knight

Escapades” – KNG DAVÎD

Sunrize” – Sound Mystic

Sunshine” – Sound Mystic

Twin Flames” – Sound Mystic

Day Dream” – Sound Mystic

ChillaFi (2022)” – Sound Mystic

Lo-Fi Chillz (2022)” – Sound Mystic

Drifting Seagulls (2022)” – Sound Mystic

Contemplation” – Fuad Assani

Hometown (Instrumental)” – Fuad Assani

Romantic Dinner” – Fuad Assani

Lofi Study” – Fuad Assani

Good Night” – Fuad Assani

Easy Flow” – Gary Shaffer

Hammock Daze” – Gary Shaffer

Twilight Vibe” – Gary Shaffer

Fin de Semana” – Bernd Voss

Warm Breeze” – Erik Anderson

Long Distance Love” – Erik Anderson

Lo Fi Fever III” – John Acosta

Everything Easy” – Riff Kitten

The Breeze” – Raise the boats music

Heard it in a dream” – Raise the boats music

Chillaxin’” – Ken Burton

Morning Cup” – Steve McRay

Peaches” – Hank Peppe

Bunch of RELAXING LO-FI/CHILL-HOP INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Major European Media Company for a variety of Non-Exclusive opportunities!

Forwards for TAXI # S240530MA

No public submissions were forwarded.

MODERN AMERICANA/ALT-INDIE ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a fairly new Record Label started by two industry veterans with a very impressive track record!