Forwards for TAXI # S220512KE

Plz Hate Me” – Jay Arrington

How Did You Get So Good” – Alexandra Durst

Ready for the Storm” – Luiza Lale

Girls!” – Luiza Lale

Stay On The Course” – Dagan Harding Band / Despistado / Administration

I Learned How” – Dagan Harding Band / Despistado / Administration

Artistic Thievery” – Dagan Harding Band / Despistado / Administration

Nocturnal Anthem” – Dagan Harding Band / Despistado / Administration

Find A Way” – Christopher Webb

Alien – The New Shining” – Artist: Nax | Band: The New Shining

A Range of MODERN INDIE/ALT-ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an A-List Film/TV Music Publishing Company that typically gets really nice, HIGH-END placements!

Forwards for TAXI # D220505MV

Tracker 5” – Dann Parks

Mindbender” – Matt Levin

Whodunnit ?” – James Creasey

Times a Tickin” – James Creasey

Trespass ( alt mix )” – James Creasey

Plans Laid Out” – Matt Levin

Mysterious Barrel” – Chris Moser

Dark Maze” – Chris Moser

Private Investigation” – erik&erson

Time to Investigate” – William McFadden

Crypto Ventures” – Michal Sinka

Out Of Time” – SoulManStan

Tension Rising” – Jeff Hargrove

Interrogation” – Jeff Hargrove

Search And Rescue” – Derek Handy

Several INVESTIGATIVE TENSION INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Music Licensing Company with a large list of placements in Films, TV Commercials, and A-List TV Shows.

Forwards for TAXI # D220505TR

Phoenix Rising” – Andrew Salmonsen

Myth and Magic” – Rik Pfenninger

Spellbook of Secrets” – Kelly A. Kaveny

Avalon’s Dream” – Chris Moser

Unicorn’s Journey (may 8, 2022)” – Alexander Dilan. Jr.

Fantasy Escape 2.0” – Stephen Bashaw

The Blue Dragon” – Jeff Hargrove

ORCHESTRAL, FANTASY TRAILER-Style INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Music Licensing Company that’s secured tons of great placements with Major Network TV Shows, Films, Commercials, and Video Games. This Company has signed many TAXI members over many years and has garnered lots of placements for them!

Forwards for TAXI # S220512SC

Racing The Mist (Drone CUE)” – Chet Nichols

Unseen Invader (Drone CUE-1:26)” – Chet Nichols

Drifting Static (Drone CUE)” – Chet Nichols

Electric Boat (Drone CUE)” – Chet Nichols

Fatal Contact” – Jeremy E O Anderson

In The Bubble” – Andersen Storm

Titanic Quartet” – Andersen Storm

Metallic Seawolves” – Andersen Storm

Tuba Diver” – Andersen Storm

Apocalypso” – Andersen Storm

Lost In the Abyss” – Alexander Dilan. Jr.

Phantom Menace” – Alexander Dilan. Jr.

Indigenous Hyper Technology” – Rolf Schild

Walking War Machines” – Rolf Schild

The Future Jungle” – Rolf Schild

Black Ice” – Peter Cole

Hyperdrive Reignition” – Baravin

SOUND DESIGN-Driven, SCI-FI-Style INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a Production Music Library with an impressive list of placements in Movie Trailers, TV Shows, and Video Games!