Forwards for TAXI # S230327CH

Hey” – Joy Diebold

Make Some Noise” – Running With Zebras

ALT-POP SONGS with ATTITUDE and Female Vocals are needed by a global Music Licensing Company with a long, impressive list of placements in Film, TV, and Video Games!

Forwards for TAXI # D230406TR

Human Foibles ” – Alon Marcus

Trick Master” – Derek Handy

Cake Walk” – Derek Handy

TRAP/HIP-HOP DRAMEDY INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that works with some of the Top Advertising Companies in the US and has a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year!

Forwards for TAXI # S230404DY

Woolgathering” – Alan John Moore

Dawn” – Julie Chapman

Broken Heart” – Paul Whitfield

Walking in Paris” – Antonio de Haro

Drifting on a Memory” – TIMC

Remy” – Jennifer Groeber

No Way Out” – Whitney Phoenix

Hopeless Feeling Short” – Whitney Phoenix

Introspective Moment” – Whitney Phoenix

Opus. 38 Haut et bas (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

Opus. 110 Perspective (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

Opus. 166 Hyacint (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

Opus. 140 Joseph´s commitment (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

Opus. 141 Wonderful (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

Opus. 172 Élégance (Piano Solo)” – Andreas Beskow

An Encounter” – Stan Swiniarski

Solemn Air” – Stan Swiniarski

Shoebox Memories” – Stan Swiniarski

Soft Heart” – Luke Holton

Lost Love” – Hugo McLaughlin

Until Then” – Hugo McLaughlin

Broken Dreams” – Hugo McLaughlin


Reason” – Georgia Carpani Music

In Safe Hands” – Phil Moore

What’s Left?” – Charlie Ernst

Unfolding” – Aaron Vaurio Jackson

Waltz at Sunset” – Stan Swiniarski

A Walk by the River ” – John Jeffrey

The Morning You Leave” – Scott Ross

Solo Trattoria” – Scott Ross

A Mindfull Master Mind” – Eric Auclair

Autumn Awakens” – Raymond Schnurr

When Does It End” – Paul Croteau

Searching” – Nina Harris

EMOTIONAL, HEARTFELT PIANO INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a top-notch Production Music Library that’s landed tons of placements in TV Shows, Films, and Commercials.

Forwards for TAXI # S230314LX

Sintonia” – Solo Musik

The Beach (featuring Kris Keyes)” – Peter Vouras

No Se” – John Acosta

Entre Nosotros” – Adelfy Jose Mercedes Matos

Con Su Body” – Adelfy Jose Mercedes Matos

Una Vez Mas” – D.O

CONTEMPORARY SONGS in ALL GENRES by LATIN X ARTISTS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an extremely active Music Licensing Company with a very successful track record of placements in Film, TV, and Advertising.

Forwards for TAXI # S230406DJ

Funky But Funny (with horns)” – Timo Rehtonen

Spring is coming” – Jakub Szturm

Mac Daddy Super Funk” – Jonathan E Thomas

Stick ’em Up” – Matt Sage

Funkadelic” – Michael J. Fix

Bang and Burn” – Matt Van Leuven

Sleeper” – Matt Van Leuven

Cloak and Swagger” – Matt Van Leuven

Later Gator with horns” – Robert Raede

Tricky Job” – Chris Moser

Adding Gas To The Groove” – Gregory J Fellman

Sure feels funky to me – Instrumental ” – mark taylor

Time to get funky – Instrumental” – mark taylor

It’s gettin’ funky here – Instrumental” – mark taylor

FUN, FUNKY INSTRUMENTALS with HORNS are needed by a very busy Music Library with a great track record of placements in Films and TV shows!

Forwards for TAXI # D230402YC

This Is My Party” – Jeffrey J LaPlante

CONTEMPORARY POP INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a global Music Licensing Company with a long, impressive list of placements in Film, TV, and Video Games!