Forwards for TAXI # S220318MC

Holding Steady” – Jeffrey J LaPlante

CURRENT-Sounding POP INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an International Music Licensing Company with lots of placements in Film, TV, and Advertising!

Forwards for TAXI # S220403FR

Où Se Trouve” – The Produce Aisle

Reviens-Moi Mon Amour (Come Back My Love)” – Michelle Joly

Original, 1960’s-Style FRENCH POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a very successful EXCLUSIVE Music Licensing Company. This company has a very long history of lots and lots of really AWESOME placements, tons of which have been for TAXI members!

Forwards for TAXI # S220331MR

Worth It” – Young Mommy

Swanky Ma” – Young Mommy

AskMeToStay feat Mz Burn” – Bryn Evans

Several MODERN RAP/HIP-HOP SONGS with Female Vocals are needed by a Successful Record Producer for several (up to) $5,000 placements for some notable artists in the Chinese market!

Forwards for TAXI # D220402MD

Disco Rumble” – Old Head

Les Disco” – Steen

Love Has No Closet (Remixed Disco Version)” – Casey J. Howard

Groove On” – SoulManStan

Blow-Dried Boogie Nights” – Vince Nicotina

DISCO INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an extremely busy Music Library with a tremendously long list of killer placements in Hit TV Shows!

Forwards for TAXI # S220401NT

This Is Where I Wanna Be (Instrumental) ” – Benjamin Drysdale

Scottish Instrumental” – Brent Witthuhn

Highland Healer (Media 4:00)” – Chet Nichols

Good Times (Media Instru – 2:00)” – Chet Nichols

“NEW TRADITIONAL” SCOTTISH INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Music Licensing Company that specializes in music for content creators as well as TV shows and Film projects!