Forwards for TAXI # S240301SF

September Me” – David LaMotte

A Special Kind Of Love” – Ronald Zack

You Keep Me So Satisfied Re-Mastered” – Rex Pearce

Stolen Moments” – David Brown

Amazing ” – David Brown

Still Here” – Wesley Heppler

Spell On You” – Kat Werlinich

I’m Over You ” – Robert Marino Presents

If I Can’t Make It ” – Daisy Hicks

Tell Me Why” – Daisy Hicks


Sail With Me (Rock)” – Rex Pearce

z Party in My Heart Tonight” – David Bluefield

The Queens Hotel” – Christin Hyshka

The Next First Time” – Mike Taylor

IF I EVER” – Festus Marazere

Lighthouse” – Andrew Anka

Why Can’t Love Be Like A Mirror” – Marc L Ellis

Love On-Line” – John Weinberg / Village Manor

Special One” – John Weinberg / Village Manor

 LOVE SONG ” – John Weinberg / Village Manor

Song of the Siren” – Kat Werlinich

Only Heaven Knows” – Jay Fortunato

Making A Place For You” – Elayne Terranova

Lots of HEARTFELT, 1970s-Style SOFT ROCK SONGS with Male or Female vocals are needed by an awesome, EXCLUSIVE Production Music Library started by very successful industry veterans who are building a brand new catalog from the ground up!

Forwards for TAXI # S240321EP

No public submissions were forwarded.

Bunch of MIDDLE EASTERN POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a leading Music Licensing Company with an excellent track record of placements in Middle Eastern-themed TV programs and Documentaries. This company is distributed internationally by Universal Music, so they work with shows that air anywhere in the world, not just the Middle East!

Forwards for TAXI # S240310NU


Please Be the One” – Don MacMannis

He Won’t Hurt Her” – Jim Melko, Songwriter

Think You Might” – Wesley Heppler

In Your Blood” – Brian Johnston

Wasted Time” – Matt Ellis

Saving Grace” – Chris Nelson

Country Love” – Chris Nelson

Shiftin’ Gears” – Chris Nelson

This is My Heart” – Cameron James

In My Hands” – Cameron James

What You Wanna Hear 4-13-23” – John S. Rossi

Slow Song” – Thomas Lewis

The Girl That I Can’t Have” – Ron Miller

Only You-SC” – Mark Miller

If You Ever Fall-SC” – Mark Miller

Pause Button (shorter)” – Jessica Weinberg

Bunch of HEARTFELT COUNTRY SONGS with Male or Female vocals are needed by an awesome, EXCLUSIVE Production Music Library! These industry veterans are currently working on building their catalog, and this might be a GREAT opportunity to get in on the ground floor!