Forwards for TAXI # D240222RD

Wrath of Aries” – Matt Levin

Bunch of DRAMATIC/EMOTIONAL TRAILER-Style ORCHESTRAL HYBRID INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Music Licensing company that’s landed some great placements for TAXI members.

Forwards for TAXI # S230215DG

Follow Me” – The Mesa

CURRENT-Sounding INDIE FOLK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by an A-List Film/TV Music Publishing Company.

Forwards for TAXI # S240216RC

How Many Fingers You Got Me Wrapped Around” – Beldon Burch

Welcome To Nobody Cares” – Terry Miller

A Million Little Things” – Frank Palmieri

(One of Those Things) You Always Knew” – Paul Petruccelli

Bought A Ring” – Alec Miller

up yours” – Dan Big Hands Colvin

MILE MARKER TEN” – Karl Williams


Take Me Away” – William Brandt

Now I Understand” – William Brandt

Fool’s Gold” – Josiah Spicer

The Good Life” – Jessica Weinberg

Real (male vocal)” – Jessica Weinberg


Empty Barn” – Jeff Corle

One Last Look (in My Rear View Mirror) ” – Dan Marcus

TRADITIONAL-Sounding COUNTRY SONGS with Male Vocals are needed by a well-connected Music Row Publisher with a long and impressive track record.

Forwards for TAXI # S240224KP

No public submissions were forwarded.

Bunch of J-POP/K-POP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a Music Library with a ton of credits in Feature Films, TV Shows, and TV Commercials.