Forwards for TAXI # S220201FH

No public submissions were forwarded.

CURRENT-Sounding HIP-HOP SONGS in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a Major European Media Company for a variety of Non-Exclusive opportunities!

Forwards for TAXI # S220105SG

Most of It ” – Harley Schrock

I Don’t Wanna Be Me” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

A Woman in Love” – Robert Abernathy

Just Another Night” – Patrick Dodge

One” – Patrick Dodge

A Good Idea at The Time” – Kaufman & Perri

Just Add Alcohol” – Michael Nelson

INTO YOU” – Thomas Troy

thicker than blood” – Laurence Wiener

saving lives” – Laurence Wiener

CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY/POP SONGS with Male Vocals are needed by a great Music Row Publisher for a Billboard-Charting act!

Forwards for TAXI # S220108AC

Golden (Happy Acoustic Folk Cue)” – Greg Norlin

Fresh Air” – Jordan Nims

A good morning” – Martin Svensson

Skipping Along” – Chuck Maiden

Bright Blue Skylines” – Nick Kozuch

Wishing Well” – Nick Kozuch

Cool Cats” – Andreas Franzmann

Play Ride” – Gregorio Garza Jr.

Got it Good” – Jared Abrams

LUCKY IN LIFE” – Brian M. Fuller

Summer Traveler” – Michal Sinka

Mouflon” – Alan Moore Music

KiddySong for S220108AC” – Nigel E. Harris

When I Am Happy” – Andersen Storm

Fun Times” – Soundroll

Evergreen” – Soundroll

A Sunny Day” – DennisPMusic

Funny Days Ahead” – DennisPMusic

Happy Hazel” – Greg Adams

Happy Times” – Samu Csernak

Smiling At You” – Ryan Inlow

Sunny Smiles II” – Patrick Byrne

QUIRKY, LIGHT-HEARTED, ACOUSTIC-Based INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a boutique Music Library that gets tons of placements in TV Shows!