Forwards for TAXI # S240117ZP

*UNRELEASED* Slow Motion ” – Joshua Prior

Evergreen” – Joshua Prior

MODERN POP PUNK ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a U.K.-based Record Label seeking some exciting acts to sign!

Forwards for TAXI # D240104ES

Unstoppable” – Tommy Hynes

EPIC STOMP-CLAP ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a really cool Music Licensing Company with tons of credits in Feature Films, TV Shows, and Commercials.

Forwards for TAXI # S240131BU

No public submissions were forwarded.

MODERN R&B/SOUL ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a new Record Label started by industry veterans with long track records of successfully signing and breaking new acts!

Forwards for TAXI # S240130EF

Country Queens” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

Somebody’s Gonna Want this Heart” – Stan Karcz, Songwriter

Lonely Together_ female version” – Mike Taylor

YOU CHANGED” – Karl Williams

The Good Life (female vocal)” – Jessica Weinberg

SEE TEARS” – John S. Rossi

Burned Down The House” – Donald Neal Brown

Neon Side of Town W/Harp” – Donald Neal Brown

Insignificant Others” – Courtney Waldron

My Way Is The Highway” – Shadowbanned (songs by Chris Sizemore)

(You Don’t Deserve) One Tear” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

TRADITIONAL COUNTRY SONGS with Female Vocals are needed by a well-connected Music Row Publisher with an impressive track record of cuts.

Forwards for TAXI # S240131CN

Timeless Echoes” – edmond redd

NEO-CLASSICAL TRAILER-Style INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that has a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year.

Forwards for TAXI # S240201EZ

Peacful Easy Feeling” – Birds are better

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Brandon V. Jamison

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Sloan Dalley

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Michelle Lockey

Peaceful Easy Feeling – The Eagles” – Nick Kozuch

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Helen Austin

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Jessica Sands Hoffmann

Peaceful Easy Feeling (Cover-Version / Original by the Eagles)” – Andy Horn

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Christopher Galen

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Brad Gray

Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Mason Maggio

Peaceful Easy Feeling Reggae 2024” – Steve Fulton Music


Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Azalea

Peaceful Easy Feeling – island laid back” – David Perez

COVER Versions of the classic hit song, “PEACEFUL EASY FEELING” with Male, Female or Duet Vocals are needed for an for an (up to) $3,000, Direct-to-Client placement for an Ad Campaign. The song will be used in online and in-store promotion for a new Boutique Brand.