Forwards for TAXI # S230128VZ

Hell Yes Refresh – (The Get Right Band)” – Silas Durocher

Wired – (The Get Right Band)” – Silas Durocher

Moonlight Maze – (The Get Right Band)” – Silas Durocher

Taste the Sky” – Mr Emotional

Breathing In” – Mr Emotional

Already Gone” – Jon Miller

Fortune Teller” – Audrey Stokes

Black out” – Audrey Stokes

Angel In The Grey” – Audrey Stokes

what a shame” – mon cher

Rolled Up Cigarette” – V!T!

silver spoon” – V!T!

Show You What I Got” – John R. Cimino

When U Wake Up” – kimberly june

Where Hero and Villain Blend” – Savage Thunder Music

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl” by Strange Weather” – Sean Alexander Brennan

Blue On the Inside” – Katie Barbato

Wide Range of INDIE POP-ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a LEGENDARY Major Music Library with tons of highly-impressive placements in TV Commercials, Hit TV shows, and Feature Films over a long, long time. This company’s history is mind-blowing.

Forwards for TAXI # S240131PQ

No public submissions were forwarded.

MODERN PUNK ARTISTS or BANDS with some Late ’70s to Early ’80s Influence and Male Vocals are needed by a U.K.-based Record Label.

Forwards for TAXI # S240125VV

Lite The Nite (by Chyld)” – Twirl

Restless Hearts Never Die” – Tricia Kelly

z Street Stage Show” – David Bluefield

z Put the voodoo to me” – David Bluefield

Reason To Fly (127 BPM)” – Gene O.

Hooked On You” – Doug Hartwell

Candy Store” – Doug Hartwell

I Don’t Have to Be in Love” – Mark Varel

You Come So Close” – Mark Varel

Back to the Sun” – Corey Lynn Fayman

The Hard Way” – Jimmy Lawrence

A lil’ Mo Blue Sky” – Jimmy Lawrence

How To Treat A Lady” – Jimmy Lawrence

UNDER THE INFLUENCE ” – Jimmy Lawrence

One Night Like This TWIR” – Jimmy Lawrence

After The Fire” – Jimmy Lawrence

z Secretly” – David Bluefield

Maiden America” – Nancy Wenstrom

Wild Hearts” – Sal Forcina

Restless Girl” – Nancy Wenstrom

Monkey Fever” – Nancy Wenstrom

Lots of Original, VINTAGE ROCK SONGS with Male or Female Vocals that were RECORDED BETWEEN 1970 and 1989 are needed by a great Publisher with a long track record of really big placements in TV Commercials! This company pays upfront, so keep reading to get all the info!

Forwards for TAXI # S240130JN

The Priest and the Willow” – Aaron Vaurio Jackson

Nihonish” – Reiko Nomura

the Lantern” – carl wurzbach

Wabi Sabi” – George Wurzbach

Tsugaru Sakura” – Matthew Jocke

Lots of TRADITIONAL JAPANESE INSTRUMENTALS and/or INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a Great Music Licensing Company with lots of Film and TV placements.