Forwards for TAXI # S230109BB

The Richest Man I Know” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT


Shade of Blue” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

A Willow Weeps” – Kirby Banks

Endless Days ” – Kirby Banks

Girl Like That ” – Harley Schrock

Any Town” – Harley Schrock

Who Don’t Love” – Harley Schrock

Red White & Blue Jeans” – Mr Emotional

Bet On Love” – Mr Emotional

Against All Odds” – Mr Emotional

1+1=3” – Arron Michael

MIGHTY FINE ” – Matthew Soileau

Hearts on the Glass” – Derrick Hampton

Three Steps Back Home” – Derrick Hampton

Summer Proof” – Arron Michael

DEAD YET” – Tim Koerber / Anxious Rabbit

The Big Hand” – Dan Weitzman

It’s You” – Paul V. Jarvis

Rowdy” – Arron Michael

Pause Button (shorter)” – Jessica Weinberg

Real (male vocal)” – Jessica Weinberg

The Greatest Gift” – TEDD SWORMSTEDT

Turn the Lights on!” – Patrick A. Adams

I’m Leaving You” – Cassie Leuffen

HIT-WORTHY COUNTRY SONGS with Male Vocals are needed for a Multi-Platinum, Award-Winning, Country SUPERSTAR who’s working on his next record! All Forwards from TAXI will go directly to a well-connected Nashville Publisher with an impressive track record and an open door with this superstar artist.

Forwards for TAXI # S230120FM

Side Effects” – Nya Y.

Universe On The Sidewalk” – Jess LaPradd

Bones” – SEED LING

That Girl” – Abby Walker

CUTTING-EDGE SINGER/SONGWRITER ARTISTS or BANDS with Female Vocals are needed by a Major Label A&R Executive that’s looking for Fresh, New Talent to sign!

Forwards for TAXI # S230124VY

Rollin’” – Show Whight

High on the Hog” – Catherine L. Holmes

Reap What You’ve Sown” – Robert Gardner

You On Your Own” – Daniel Garcia

HEAVY ROCK SONGS with SOUTHERN BLUES-Influence and Male Vocals are needed by a high-quality Production Music Library that’s been signing quite a bit of TAXI Members’ music lately!