Forwards for TAXI # S240103GG

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Lots of DARK, REGGAETON/LATIN TRAP SONGS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by a very well established Production Music Library that pays Upfront Fees to Composers!

Forwards for TAXI # S240103DK

Unveiling the Truth” – Juan Macias

CALLE OSCURA” – Rey Quiñones

Power” – Ricky’s Fire Beats

Survivor’s Anthem” – Riff Kitten

Mi Barrio 2 (Trap Instrumental)” – Andrew ‘FYU-CHUR’ Jackson

Mi Barrio (Reggaetón Instrumental)” – Andrew ‘FYU-CHUR’ Jackson

Lots of DARK, REGGAETON/LATIN TRAP INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an established and well-known Independent Production Music Library that pays Upfront Fees to Composers!

Forwards for TAXI # S231207VG

90 POUND SUBURBAN HOUSEWIFE, DRIVIN IN HER SUV ” – Suzanne Sheridan / Suzanne Sheridan Band

Undercover Lover – Vintage 1986” – Steve Mochel

The Game Of Love” – Shaune Feuz

I’m A Music Man” – Wayne Olivieri

You Keep Me So Satisfied Re-Mastered” – Rex Pearce

Rockstar” – Duke Rashkow

Things They Said We Shouldn’t Do (Are Cool)” – Duke Rashkow

Might’ve Said It” – Todd Hearon

CRYSTAL BALL” – Phil Lopez

Livin’ It Up Now” – Phil Lopez

rosie’s bar” – Glenn A. Erickson

LOAD ON MY MIND” – Glenn A. Erickson

House of Cards” – The Romeos

Wishing You a Merry Christmas” – John Ferguson

All Night Long” – Mark Newman

All over again” – Dan Big Hands Colvin

IF THIS AIN’T LOVE” – Karl Williams

MILE MARKER TEN” – Karl Williams

No Hard Feelings, No Regrets” – Dave Hart

Baby Won’t You Give Me A Chance” – Alan G. Nathanson

What Ya Gonna Do When the rain Starts fallin’” – Alan G. Nathanson

Long Long Road” – Alan G. Nathanson

z Party in My Heart Tonight” – David Bluefield

z Autumn is” – David Bluefield

z Don’t Tell Me a Lie” – David Bluefield

z Street Stage Show” – David Bluefield

z Better than Anyone” – David Bluefield

z Living in Paradise” – David Bluefield

z Is There Anybody There” – David Bluefield

z Music Love” – David Bluefield

z Just a touch away” – David Bluefield

I Want To Tell You” – Richard M. Lee

WE FOUND LOVE” – Tim Koerber / Anxious Rabbit

Blues Started Rockin’” – Dan McCafferty

You’re the one” – Dana R. Rasch

Time Stood Still” – Steve Sherman

Whispers In The Wind” – John S. Rossi

It’s A Mystery” – Mike Mitchell

Trust in Me” – Anthony DeLuca

Once in a Lifetime” – Anthony DeLuca

I Wanna Be Bad” – Harry Kopy

Get Into The Music” – Ronald Zack

Diamonds” – dain

I Would Do Anything” – dain

Tow The Line” – Lauri Batwin

Still Thinkin’” – Tom Tiedjens/Spud Bucket

Coffee Break” – Jensina Shepard

“Dear Mr Deejay” 1955” – Jensina Shepard

Someday” – Jensina Shepard

Take Your Time” – Jensina Shepard

Moe And His Combo-Sue Allen-” – Jensina Shepard

Stay With You” – Ralph Goldheim

The Sound of Two Hearts Beating” – Chip Lewis

love like you” – chris rowan

Hungry For Love” – CHROMUS

At Christmas Time” – Michael T. Bell

Girls In Uniform” – Four Piece Suit

Got Your Love Right Here” – Four Piece Suit

Lovers in the night” – TIM AJSTER

Soldier of love” – TIM AJSTER

Runnin with the bad boys” – TIM AJSTER

Nocturnal Rambling” – Dalia Davis

Love And Music (feat. Central Heat)” – Michael Cavaliere

Don’t Hold On (feat. The Drive)” – Michael Cavaliere

Just Right For Me ” – Jensina Shepard

For Everything A Time” – Jose Duenas Leon

Butterfly” – Jim Hagen

How Rosy It’ll Be” – Buffalo Bob

ORIGINAL, VINTAGE SONGS in ALL GENRES Recorded BEFORE the year 2000 are needed by the TOP PUBLISHER of VINTAGE MUSIC for Film and TV Licensing.

Forwards for TAXI # S240102RO

Sparrow (Instrumental) ” – Goodnight Suzie

Wide Range of Pre-1990 ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an A-List Music Publisher for Film and TV sync licensing.

Forwards for TAXI # S231221EC

No public submissions were forwarded.

MODERN ELECTRO-POP CHINESE SONGS with Female Vocals are needed by a globally distributed Music Licensing Company that’s had a lot of success landing TONS of Major Network placements every year.