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Is TAXI Legit, a Ripoff, or a Scam?

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

“Is Legit, a Ripoff, or a Scam?”

I see this question in many blogs and forums on the Internet, and it can most easily be answered by clicking this link;

Here, you’ll see TAXI members who are signing deals and getting Film and TV Placements posting success stories in their own words – no editing, no advertising, just the plain old truth from current TAXI members.

So, why do other musicians post stories about their lack of success using TAXI? Why weren’t they successful using TAXI is big question! If the successful songwriters and artists are using the exact same company and services that the unsuccessful TAXI members are using, what’s the key difference?

Logic tells you that if they are both using TAXI, but some are successful and others aren’t, that the variable isn’t TAXI at all – that’s the one thing that is constant!

So the variables must be:

1)    The quality of the music they are submitting

2)    How well they are targeting their submissions

3)    How well they’re using TAXI’s feedback to help them improve their music and make better choices when making song submissions to TAXI’s A&R staff.

Again, it makes common sense that if some are successful and some are not, then the variable isn’t TAXI at all!

Obviously, not all of the songwriters, artists and composers who join TAXI have great music. But it’s hard to imagine that they are going to make an online post that says, “I wasn’t successful using TAXI, but it was my fault for making music that was less than top notch.”

It’s also hard to imagine a musician saying, “TAXI didn’t work for me, but it was my fault for not reading their Industry Listings carefully and pitching the right music for the right opportunities.”

And finally, some people find it difficult to hear truthful feedback about their music and not take it personally. That’s easy to understand. Creating music is very personal, and there’s also that feeling of, “It’s finished and I don’t want to go back and work at making it better,” or, “I’ve already pressed a thousand CDs and I can’t go back and change it.” In both cases, it’s probably easier to blame the messenger – TAXI.

If you’re thinking about joining TAXI and you’ve read negative comments on the Internet or heard a fellow musician make negative remarks, consider the source, consider the quality of their music, consider their willingness to work hard on their music, and then go to our public forum and post this question; “Does TAXI deliver on what it promises?”

TAXI is not a magic bullet and we don’t promise overnight success. But, as you’ll see by reading the TAXI members’ success stories in their own, unedited words, TAXI works really well for the people who use it well.

And yes, it’s the same exact service that doesn’t work for others. All things TAXI being equal, it’s up to you to determine how well TAXI will work for you.

And do us a little favor will you? The next time you see a forum or blog post telling you that TAXI is a scam, a rip off, or isn’t legitimate, please post a link to our unedited Success Stories Forum so other deserving songwriters, artists and composers can hear the truth, straight from the horse’s mouth. Thanks!

P.S. You can also read more about successful TAXI members on this page!